Has anybody seen that Taylor Swift 1980’s Workout Parody Video?

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s just a funny video that puts one of Taylor Swift’s songs to a 1980’s dance/workout video, and it syncs pretty perfectly. It’s not really the most hilarious thing out there, but it’s interesting to see what’s been going on concerning it. I would totally post a link here for y’all to see, but the problem is, every link and video that gets put on Youtube or other places is taken down within a matter of hours. It seems that Swift or her managers don’t care to have the video posted for people to see. I could speculate as to why: maybe it’s a copyright thing (most probable), and they don’t want people to have the song where they haven’t allowed it, or maybe they don’t like the subject, I mean, we are talking about dudes and ladies in ridiculous bright red and purple skin leotards dancing around, so to be honest I don’t really blame them for not wanting that image associated with the artist.

What’s interesting though, is that there are plenty of Swift’s songs all over Youtube and most of them have been there for a while.  There are lots of fan-made lyric videos as well as parodies and others. Why don’t they get taken down too? Of course, most of them don’t have the people in the shiny leotards, but I’m not sure if that’s the real reason. Or at least not the whole reason. The original parody video got really popular, really fast. You could say it went viral. When it was taken down, others who had downloaded the video re-posted it on their own channels or websites. And they got taken down. And then others did the same thing, and the cycle continues. This has happened a lot. Popular songs get put in peoples videos constantly, but if the video gets 1+ million views, then the company cares. Maybe the companies can’t find the obscure videos their songs are in, but I doubt it would be difficult as you’d just have to search the name of the song. So why isn’t the rule applied universally? Should it be? It would really stink if it was. You wouldn’t be able to listen to a song before you buy it. Which is another thing. The only videos that seem to be left up by the stricter artists are nice lyric videos. It’s basically free advertising for them. But there is the risk of people illegally downloading the song. It’s all very subjective.


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