Regularly scheduled office hours

Just a quick note to clarify office hours in the next couple weeks …

Thursday, 13/11 — 3.30-5.30pm

Wednesday, 19/11 — 1-2.45pm BOOKED OUT

Thursday, 20/11 — 3.30-5.30pm

NEW! Friday, 21/11 — noon-1pm (I will have my dog with me. He is very small, very mellow and very elderly, but if you are not into dogs, try to come to other office hours)

Wednesday, 26/11 — 11am-1pm (by appointment only! I can also make appointments earlier in the day if necessary, but not after 1pm because I have to go get on a plane. Basically I am absolutely happy to meet with you on that Wednesday … but if nobody intends on coming because y’all are going home for Thanksgiving or just want a day off, I will not be coming to campus to sit quietly in my office) CANCELLED due to lack of need / everyone’s travel plans

This is not a lot of slots, so I strongly encourage you to make appointments during office hours rather than just dropping in over the next couple of weeks. If it then looks like demand is exceeding supply, I’ll add in additional slots.

I’ll also figure out some times for virtual office hours in the week after Thanksgiving and before your rewrites are done — these will be in the evening Austin time and I’ll let you know dates asap. I’ll also be willing to set up appointment times outside of those. (Virtual office hours = I’ll be online, available to chat over IM or rapid-response email; Skype or Google Hangouts are also a possibility if my internet connection abroad holds up — it can be flaky.)

Watch this space for virtual office hours times!


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