For my final paper I am considering looking into the hierarchies and power structures presented in Dawn and comparing them to historical hierarchies across societies on earth. I haven’t finished reading the book yet so I am not sure what evidence I will use but even in the first section of Dawn there was hierarchy involved in the alien society as well as between the species. There have historically been many hierarchies that oppress women and minorities and while these are not as apparent anymore they are still subtly allowed to happen. It is interesting to consider if humans even have the ability as a society to not put one group of people above others. Our democracy is a great example of  telling people they have an equal voice when in reality the rich and powerful have much more influence. But even in our world today any oppressed human can fight back unlike hierarchies that are created between species. In Dawn it appears that the humans are powerless to fight back other than choosing death because they are less powerful and intelligent. This is the same as our relationship with other species on earth that we use to our benefit because we consider ourselves more intelligent.


2 responses to “Hierarchies

  1. It might be interesting to explore how the old hierarchies of race and gender are preserved in the present socio-economic hierarchy. If you look at the “1%” aren’t they overwhelmingly not only male, but also white?

    -food for thought


  2. This is an interesting topic, Grant. You may find you need to narrow it down, focussing on one or two rather than All Hierarchies Ever (because real talk: that list could go on forever). From what you’ve sketched out, it seems like you’re interested in socioeconomic class and the human/non-human-animal relationship; looking at the colonial relationship might be an interesting point of intersection, too.


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