Final Paper Topic

For my final paper I am currently, stressing currently, thinking about discussing how in The Year of The Flood and Dawn there is no mention of a structured governing body. In the places of government there is corporations (TYOTF) and the Oankali species (Dawn). In TYOFT the corporations run and own everything. In Dawn there is the constant denial of any superior race or group, but the Oankali take the leadership role and are looked up too by the rest of the ‘people’ on the ship. What I want to focus on is the plausible future we can have that could possibly resemble the worlds in these books. In my last paper I discussed how neo-liberalism (private corporations owning the vast majority of resources etc.) that surfaces in TYOTF can happen to our current society. Now I want to tie in how in Dawn the one group, race, can run and control everything that happens in their world. Both of these novel’s ‘governments’ can resemble ours now or if not our ‘government’ in the future.
I am still in the thinking/processing stage of coming up with my topic, but because neo-liberalism has been such a big topic in another class I am taking this semester I cant stop seeing it and its influence on our society in the novels we are reading in class. This paper I just want to analyze both novels and compare and contrast them to show how our current society could potentially end up similar to those. (Maybe not being taken over by aliens just yet)
I’m completely open to any of your comments!


One response to “Final Paper Topic

  1. I think the idea of focusing on government is really great. I never really considered it so much when reading Dawn as compared to The Year of the Flood–it was more in the back of my mind as far as themes go. But I think it will be good to explore these concepts and how different they are from each other in the novels, yet how similar they are to our current society. While neo-liberalism is definitely a good comparison for TYOTF, I think you could bring up other forms of government as well and how they compare to one another in our very own society. For example, the Oankali mindset in Dawn really reminds me of the issues between capitalist and communist systems (even though I know that’s more economic than political). Overall, this seems like a really good concept for your final paper :o)


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