Essay 3 Topic

The predominant idea that I have for my third essay is to write about society’s entrapment of people of color, exemplified by Octavia Butler’s Dawn. A huge part of the plot of Dawn involves how trapped and helpless Lilith feels at the hands of the Oankali, and I intend to show how this is a metaphor for how colored people have little ability to better themselves and control their own fates due to persisting, rigid social structures of inequality. I can reference studies involving the unfairness of the American legal system for people of color, events like the recent riots in Ferguson over racial targeting by cops, and more. A strong factor in this argument is especially the fact that Octavia Butler is a black woman and must have experienced these very struggles in her career as an author. I can even possibly bring in as evidence the very racist artist rendition of Dawn that we’ve scoffed at in class several times. There’s a lot of ways I can go with this, and a lot of evidence that I can bring into play.


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