The ultimate disrespect

I recently stumbled upon an article during my endless scrolling on tumblr that ruffled my feathers quite a bit. A transgender woman by the name of Jennifer Gables recently passed away because of a brain aneurysm, but instead of leaving her in peace, her family decided to instead bury her as a man. In the obituary they didn’t even care to mention her transition during her 20’s but instead continued to go along with the facade of calling her ‘he’ and generally pretending that she basically didn’t exist as a woman outside of their horribly narrow opinions. This is like the ultimate disrespect to someone’s freedom- no matter what her family thought about it, she was who she felt she was, and for them to violate that- even posthumously, is an incredible infringement on her rights. Like, they couldn’t even respect her enough to let her be who she was? Since when is it okay to do whatever you want to someone when they die? Her friends and other supporters are rightfully outraged over this, as they should be, but I still can’t believe that they would even think this was ok. This was their child, their family for God’s sake, and they might not have agreed with it or whatever, but they didn’t even respect her enough to let her lie in peace.


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