Paper 3 and the end of Dawn

When I reached the last page of Dawn I kept flipping through to make sure there was not more to the ending. It just did not seem to wrap up at all and I really wanted to know what would happen next. It just felt like a rushed ending and I wanted to know what would happen to the humans on earth and what Lillith’s next move would be. She just got hit with many difficult situations, like being stuck with the Oankali, Joseph’s brutal death, and being pregnant against her will with an Oankali baby that I thought it would be interesting to see more of her reactions or to see her draw out some plans.

Upon finishing the book I also thought I would have an epiphany and suddenly know exactly what I wanted to write about, yet I still do not have anything that I know would be an interesting topic to write about. I think it might be easier if I went about it through comparing parts of Dawn to The Year of the Flood, so I can generate a sizeable list of topics to explore and choose from. I have already thought of writing about hierarchies and free will, or something to do with family and human customs, but really my ideas are so scattered that I feel like I need to sit down and draw out all the things I found interesting and the book and connect some with other ideas and/or connect them to The Year of the Flood.


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