Virtual office hours

Last week of classes
Monday, Dec 1 – 3-5pm Done!
Wednesday, Dec 3 – 2-3pm Done!
Thursday, Dec 4 – 2-3pm Done!
Dead week
Mon, Dec 8 – 3-5pm
Weds, Dec 10 – 3-5pm
Fri, Dec 12 – 4-5pm
*These times are all open as appointment slots on my calendar so if you want my undivided attention for a G-chat or similar consultation, please book an appointment.
We can try Skype or Google Hangouts for synchronous conversations during online office hours, but G-chat ( / IM is likely to be a better solution (not entirely sure what my internet access will be like during some of these — potentially slow or patchy). We can also just do rapid-response email.

I can also set up appointments outside these times — preferably after these times rather than earlier (because those 2pm starts are very early where I am this week). My schedule is pretty tight this coming week due to the conference I’m presenting at, but I have a lot of flexibility during the dead week as I will then be on my parents’ farm doing interruptible farm things. If you need an appointment outside the above times, email me and we’ll figure something out.
And remember, you can email me anytime with questions about these looming assignments or anything else you want to discuss. I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible, given the constraints of time zones and the conference I’m attending this week.

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