I came into this class as a baby Freshman not knowing what to expect. As an English major who has no idea what I want to do with my life, I was curious about what to expect for my first college level English course. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were only a small handful of us compared to my other enormous lecture halls, which really helped provide a sense of community and helped me get to know other students on a more personal level for the first time here at UT. Beck has really helped me to gain more confidence in my choice to pursue the English major. If all English classes were like this one or if all English professors were like Beck, I would absolutely have no problem continuing on this path for the next three and a half years. I think that the discussion-based portion of the class was really the key to my development and growth in this course. Especially since we worked with some challenging and heavy pieces, the discussion is what helped me learn the most. I found myself really struggling the most with the essays over the semester. For some reason, it is just so difficult for me to get my ideas into an organized paper. However, Beck’s one on one help and feedback guided me out of the darkness. I think the reason I have learned the most from the discussions we’ve had in our classroom is because it is actually stuff we can apply to life. We’ve talked through universal truths that have held strong for generations and will continue to remain the same. Not only do we use this literature to study human nature, but it also helps us to reflect on history and how we as people have changed over time and as a society. Whenever I read a work, it is just amazing to me every time how many different views and interpretations and opinions come up other than my own original take. These discussions really make me think, and it also helped make me feel closer to classmates. Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity this course has given me to explore feminism, science fiction, and human nature. I probably would never have read these books if it wasn’t for this, and I am definitely glad that I did get the chance to read them.


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