I think when I first started this class, I was kind of afraid to talk about issues that I know have a lot of really strongly-opinionated people debating them. I was afraid to say the wrong thing lest I be angrily lectured at, whether or not I sided with them. But I didn’t feel that way at all in this class. The atmosphere was open and everyone had a chance to say whatever they thought, whether it was about one of the texts or some other important issue. I’m pretty sure I was (and maybe still am a bit) the kind of person that doesn’t really form a solid opinion on really anything because there are so many different views out there, and I’m not really sure who/what to believe. Obviously I don’t listen to every single source and go “Hmm, seems legit”, but I find that I can be kind of malleable like that. I think this class has helped me to learn how to take information, process it, and compare it with other sources while keeping in mind the type of source and the context, which has been tremendously helpful in some of my other classes. Through this, I’ve also learned to form my own thoughts and express them in an understandable manner. I didn’t like having to first see what everyone else thinks (which sadly happens to a lot of people I think) before I made up my mind, and I’ve definitely gotten better about that.

Anyways, it’s been a great semester and I wish everybody luck on their papers!


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