Self Reflection

I originally signed up for this class only because I needed the writing flag and my major does not have any courses to fulfill this requirement. I got the impression from the English classes I took at the university I transferred from that I could write a paper that deserved an A at 2 a.m. the night before. That was my assumption and when I got my first grade back I was pretty upset that I didn’t get the grade I wanted. After reading the comments on my paper I realized there were a lot of holes in it that I couldn’t see myself. So I rewrote the paper and got the grade I wanted. The second paper the exact same thing happened. So for the final paper I’m going to try to take a wider look at my paper and see if I can find what is wrong before turning it in. I think this experience has been a good one for me because I will need to write for my major in the future and being able to find and eliminate flaws will be important. Also taking a step back and realizing that I may not be a perfect writer all the time was important to my development in this class and moving forward.


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