Self Reflection

It is not the easiest of tasks to self evaluate and or critique ourselves, but it makes us better students and even human beings when we do so. I came into this class a tad bit intimidated by the theme of the class, Feminism. I knew the term and concept, but I wasn’t very familiar with it. As the semester went by I saw that I was able to relate to so many of the struggles highlighted by this movement/mentality. It isn’t an easy topic to discuss, but because this class, our class, was open minded and comfortable with each other we could all discuss a topic that needs to be discussed. I found myself being able to discuss certain topics, which I considered to be taboo, more freely when talking to friends and family. I spoke about the injustices we saw in our novels, and in our world in general.

This class has helped me see things that have and continue to happen in the world around us. We were able to read things that could have happened before our time and relate it to struggles still prominent today. I have come to realize that many people share the same ideas and mentalities that I hold. I have seen that throughout this semester my writing as well as my critical thinking has seen improvements. I no longer just see things in black in white, but see the dimensions everything has. I’ve grown over the course of this semester, and thoroughly enjoyed this class. This class brought up so many thought provoking topics and ideas that constantly had me thinking. Thank you all for a great semester! My best of luck to you all!!


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