This semester feels like it’s flown by. This class was nice because it never had too much work or any difficult material and it was so interesting.I think the discussions were cool because we were talking about real world issues that really mattered to all of us instead of just talking about random things that happen in the book. I think the class as a whole did such a great job of really getting into the discussions and generating so many interesting ideas and viewpoints which then helped me to start thinking of the deeper meaning of things and how pretty much every issue we have talked about effects everyone. It was interesting to see how so many different things I was already interested in and cared about connected to each other through feminism. This class was important because it wasn’t just about picking up things in a book and writing about them, but it was addressing real world problems and explaining different perspectives and ideas.

I think I have grown over the semester because issues that I thought I could manipulate actually started to really annoy me. I always thought I could use the gender roles to my advantage but over the semester I have really become increasingly resistant to just operating within systems and instead I don’t want to have to account for that. I’ve also been able to find things that I really care about in this class, especially when writing. Usually my papers were just something I knew I could write about but I challenged myself throughout the semester to really figure out things that I personally thought were important or interesting and I ended up researching and learning a lot of really interesting things. I think I could have worked a little more on keeping up with the class. At times I would get a little behind in the reading and it was hard to catch up.

Overall this class was a great experience and it taught me a lot about different perspectives and really illustrated that there are different angles and methods to come at any problem.


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