as our time together draws to an end…

Hey y’all! I just wanted to start by thanking everyone such a great semester. I was initially super nervous to take this class. I’m a science major. I actually enjoy lecture classes with a hundred other people. So basically taking a 20-person discussion based class was out of my comfort zone to say the least. I don’t think I actually looked at the course title before I signed up. My thought was, if it fits my schedule and I get the writing flag I need, what’s the difference?

However, if I went into our classroom on the first day with expectations, this class would have far surpassed them. I greatly enjoyed our discussions. They challenged my beliefs or challenged me to have a belief on things I had previous been on the fence about or unaware of. Everyone had such different opinions, each with their own merit, and it was interesting to sit back sometimes and just soak it all in. I loved that our classroom was a safe place to share our views; no one was judged or discredited for having a differing opinion. In fact, it was welcomed.

I loved the books we read, especially in the ways they were able to pose problems that plague our society. I enjoyed how each novel introduced us to a futuristic or alien world that was so unlike ours in many ways. However they were able to address problems of our society, such as hierarchies and gender issues, in a way that didn’t alienate me as a reader. In response, I have definitely grown. I am much more aware of these issues and how they effect my own experiences. The assignments definitely challenged me as a writer and I am very grateful for it.

Thanks for such a positive experience everyone! Have a great (or at least not too stressful) end of semester and a happy holiday break! (Maybe I’ll continue to broaden my horizons and finally try the eggnog).



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