Final Post!

Bonjour Tout le monde! I am sad that this class is over. All in all it has been a great semester where I have been challenged and pushed to think deeper about what it means to be a woman, a female, (a man?) and a human.

I found the topics covered in this class to be challenging and it pushed me to reevaluate not only my views of the world but also my view of my past. I am grateful for the supportive environment that Beck and y’all all offered as I openly explored ideas. I love that the class discussions were a safe place to bring up taboo topics (animal love anyone?) and hammer out the details.

Before this class I valued being nonjudgemental and loving towards everyone. However I grew up in an annoyingly conservative home and I found that some of those restrictive ideas still lingered. It was nice to have some things cleared up for me and to gain a better appreciation and understanding of people and what it really means to be accepting and loving towards others.

What’s cool is that not only did my worldview expand but my writing techniques also improved. It’s cheesy, but I loved the rewriting opportunities and found that I was able to immensely improve my papers as I zeroed in on and clarified ideas. The skill of being able to communicate more efficiently is something that I will take away from this course.

Enjoy Winter Break! Love Y’all!

The Crazy One,

-Madeline Haynes


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