Oh how time flies

Hello, lovelies! It’s been a great semester with you guys, I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Not only getting to know all of you, but also having a central topic of something that is really important in today’s society. It was so great being able to have an open forum about topics that are difficult to talk about and share different opinions, thoughts and beliefs. I know for a fact that I’ll never face sexism as a male, but its nice being able to talk openly about things and to hear ideas that I would never have been exposed to otherwise. I think I came to have a deeper understanding of the female struggle- one that has quite literally been there since like the dawn of time- and while I’ve always held feminist views there were things brought up in the class that I have never considered before, but I’m a different person for it.  Everyone had such diverse opinions on things, and I think it’s a real testament to our class that even though we did have our differences in opinions that we never disrespected each other or anything of the sort.

The material was far more enticing than I originally thought it would be- it really drew me in and made me think about things that I’ve never thought about before. It allowed me to consider things outside of my normal view of the world, and brought new material to my life that I would probably have never encountered (namely Tank Girl). I wanna give a shout out to the real MVP- our fabulous instructor, Beck Wise. You really allowed us to thrive in this small little place that we managed to call our classroom, you’ve guided us and brought fresh ideas for us to play around with, and never once did you stifle our discussions or our thoughts, and in general you were just super rad and badass.

I’m so glad that I signed up for this class, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced something like it before, but it was a fantastic place to learn. Thanks everyone for being awesome and fantastic and lovely, as you all are. I wish you all the best on your finals and other classes and whatever else you decide to do with yourselves. Stay beautiful! And groovy, also.



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