Honestly, I knew this class would be awesome when I signed up. Does that sound uppity or something? My bad. But it’s true! I remember signing up for classes (I was at the last orientation before school started, so NOTHING was open). I saw this class and nabbed it without even knowing its focus was on feminist speculative fiction, but when I found out I was PSYCHED. A writing course where we get to read text actually written by women?! Too cool.

What I hadn’t predicted was how interactive and interesting our class discussions would be. From the first day, it was apparent that we had all the right stuff for a great discussion group (for example: people talk!). It was always such a pleasure to get involved in whatever issue we were talking about, and I was surprised with the multitude of viewpoints. To be a part of a class that was able to actually be honest with what they thought was truly remarkable, and it was so great to feel 100% safe and comfortable in the environment we created for ourselves.

As far as self reflection goes, I definitely know more about different issues now. Who would have thought that almond milk was so evil? The scheduling of these writing assignments have also been beneficial, to be given something to write about each week has challenged me (in a good way).

It was such a joy to be a part of this class, thanks to everyone who made it so ~groovy~.

– Sydney


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