I had very few expectations, in regards to this class, before the semester started. I came in very open minded yet also very reserved as a person. The class discussions thoroughly engaged the whole class and helped to be a very open place for thoughts and beliefs. The discussions and positions brought up during the discussion were eye-opening and and made me think of things in new ways. I enjoyed the participation of the class and how active people were throughout the class. The discussion was a positive experience for me and helped me become more educated on topics I didn’t know too much about.

Another aspect of an English class is the writing. I would never call myself a talented writer but I would describe my writing as “competent” or “average”. It has never been one of my strong suits and this class helped me to develop as a writer. The peer edits and the analysis from the professor were very helpful and aided in improving my papers and writing assignments.

Overall I had a great time in the class while also managing to gain a large amount of knowledge about the world. I appreciate the time and effort put in by everyone and I hope y’all accomplish great things!


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