The schedule is subject to change; the version on this page is the most up-to-date one. If adjustments are made, you’ll be notified in class and by email.

Abbreviations: YTOTF = The Year of the Flood

Week Day For / in class Blog posts Presenters
1 Thurs Aug-29 Introductions, expectations, etc Blog post – introduction – EVERYONE! Ungraded but required. None
2 Tues Sep-02 READ:

Free blog post — any reflection related to the course material None
Thurs Sep-04 READ:

3 Tues Sep-09 Tiptree cont’dREAD:

Directed blog post – close reading (1 of 3 assigned sections from the stories) None
Thurs Sep-11 READ:

4 Tues Sep-16 Intro to OEDREAD:

  • The Female Man – parts 1-3 (pp 1-56)
  • Note: Trigger warning for this book – statutory rape
Free blog post
Thurs Sep-18 READ:

  • The Female Man – parts 4-6 (pp 57-131)
5 Tues Sep-23 READ:

  • The Female Man — parts 5-9 (pp 133-214)
Directed blog post – OED exercise
Thurs Sep-25 Intro to library databases.Wrap-up The Female Man
Fri Sep-26 Optional movie screening: Tank Girl. 1-3pm, FAC 9
6 Tues Sep-30 WORKSHOP: Paper 1 peer reviewNo assigned reading.  Free blog post
Thurs Oct-02 DUE: Paper 1 dueWATCH:

  • Tank Girl (video on reserve @ Fine Arts Library)
7 Tues Oct-07 NO CLASS MEETINGIndividual paper conferences Monday or Tuesday with Beck (book yours) Directed blog post – reponse to / summary of a popular primary source
Thurs Oct-09 DUE: Paper 1 RevisionTank Girl cont’d
8 Tues Oct-14 Gaard, ‘Toward a Queer Ecofeminism’ Free blog post
Thurs Oct-16 READ:

  • TYOTF – ‘The Garden’, ‘The Year of the Flood’, ‘Creation Day’, ‘The Feast of Adam and All Primates’ (pp xi-86)

Presenters: Oliver and Jake

9 Tues Oct-21 READ:

  • TYOTF – ‘The Festival of Arks’, ‘Saint Euell of Wild Foods’, ‘Mole Day’ (pp 87-192)

Presenter: Sydney

Directed blog post – response to / summary of a historical source
Thurs Oct-23 READ:

  • TYOTF – ‘April Fish’, ‘The Feast of Serpent Wisdom’ (pp 193-272)

Presenters: Frances & Emily

10 Tues Oct-28 READ:

  • TYOTF – ‘Pollination Day’, ‘Saint Dian, Martyr’ (pp 273-342)

Presenters: Courteney and Danny

Free blog post
Thurs Oct-30 READ:

  • TYOTF – ‘Predator Day’, ‘Saint Rachel and All Birds’, ‘Saint Terry and All Wayfarers’, ‘Saint Julian and All Souls’ (pp 343-431)

Presenter: Madeline

11 Tues Nov-04 Workshop day Directed blog post – response to / summary of an academic argument
Thurs Nov-06 DUE: Paper 2
12 Tues Nov-11 Haraway, ‘Cyborg Manifesto’Presenter: Lauren Free blog post
Thurs Nov-13 READ:

  • Dawn – ‘Womb’ (pp 3-42)
  • Note: Trigger warning for this book: non-consent, victim-blaming

Presenters: Brandon & Grant

13 Tues Nov-18 READ:

  • Dawn – ‘Family’ (pp 45-111)

Presenters: Katherine & Maggie

Directed blog post – paper proposal
Thurs Nov-20 READ:

  • Dawn – ‘Nursery’ (pp 115-196)

Presenters: Rachaelle & Julieta

14 Tues Nov-25 READ:

  • Dawn – ‘The Training Floor’ (pp 199-248)

presenters: Madison, Steven

Free blog post
Thurs Nov-27 No class – Thanksgiving
15 Tues Dec-02 Directed blog post – critical self-reflection
Thurs Dec-04 Final discussion / paper workshop as needed; wrap-up; course evals
Fri Dec-05 DUE: Paper 3.

Last day to submit work on which you want feedback

FINALS Sat Dec-13 Last date for any outstanding work, including final paper rewrites

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