This is a quick rundown of key points on the syllabus. For full details, click through the links below.


In this course, you’ll be assessed on the following pieces of work:

  • Essay 1: Close Reading — 20% (10% version 1; 10% revision)
  • Essay 2: Text & Context  — 25% (revision optional)
  • Essay 3: Literature Analysis — 30% (revision optional)
  • Weekly reading responses / blog posts — 10%
  • In-class presentation — 15% (7.5% peer-assessed, 7.5% instructor-assessed)

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You can find the always-up-to-date schedule here.

You have three required textbooks for this course:

  • Joanna Russ, The Female Man, ISBN 978-0-8070-6299-9
  • Margaret Atwood, The Year of the Flood, ISBN 978-0-307-45547-5
  • Octavia Butler, Dawn, ISBN 978-0-446-60377-5

Your other course readings are provided electronically on this page; the password will be given in class.

Buying your textbooks

All of these books are available now at the University Co-Op. They’re also available at various online booksellers and should be easy to obtain second-hand in these or older editions — try or Amazon’s second-hand section. (Dawn is also available in an omnibus edition with its sequels called Lilith’s Brood; I have found second-hand copies of this to be as abundant as and often cheaper than Dawn on its own, so it is worth searching for that title as well.) When I assign reading, I will identify it by chapter to assist anyone with older editions of the texts, as well as giving page numbers for the most recent editions which are on sale at the Co-Op. If you are shopping online, please order your books a couple weeks in advance of us tackling them in class to ensure you receive them in good time to complete your reading assignments.

Electronic editions of textbooks

In general, I recommend paper copies of books for study as annotation options for most electronic formats are limited, and identifying and navigating to passages can be frustrating. If you prefer e-books, that’s cool — but please note that there is no e-book edition of The Female Man, so you’ll need a paper copy of that.

classroom policies

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