Essay 2

Paper 2 — Text and Context

Explain how either The Female Man, Tank Girl or The Year of the Flood relates to, reflects on or engages with a social, political, environmental or scientific issue current at the time of its publication.

To prepare for this paper, you will need to research the novel’s historical context and select a single issue, debate, political movement, etc from the time of its publication which seems particularly relevant to your selected text, as well as your own interests and expertise.

In your paper, you will need to

  • Introduce your topic and explain how it relates to the text
  • Identify 3-4 specific sections of the text where the topic is prominent
  • Explain how the topic is treated in those sections, quoting directly from the text as appropriate
  • Explain the novel’s relationship to and intervention in your chosen issue. Does it address the issue directly or indirectly? Does it promote or argue against a viewpoint? Demonstrate a potential consequence?

Format your essay, including its bibliography, according to MLA guidelines.

This paper can be revised and resubmitted based on instructor feedback. If you choose to revise your paper, half of your grade for the paper will be based on the quality of the initial version and half on the extent and quality of your revisions.

Expected word count: 1250 words +/- 10% (provide your word count at the end of your paper)

Contribution to final grade: 25%