Essay 3

Paper 3 — Literary Analysis

Your task in this final paper is to combine the close reading and research skills you’ve developed over the course of the semester to develop an original interpretation of one or two of our texts (NB – if you wrote on The Female Man for both papers 1 and 2, you must write about a different text or texts for this paper).

You’ll need to:

  • identify a topic of particular interest within your selected text/s
  • decide on the argument you want to make around that topic
  • explain what other scholars have said on the subject
  • and then lay out your own argument in relation to that discussion, supporting your points with close reading and analysis of 3-4 sections of the text/s.

Format your essay, including its bibliography, according to MLA guidelines.

This paper can be revised and resubmitted based on instructor feedback. However, note that due to grade reporting deadlines & your own finals, you may find it tough to find time to rewrite your paper. I encourage you to meet with me to discuss viable timelines!

If you choose to revise your paper, half of your grade for the paper will be based on the quality of the initial version and half on the extent and quality of your revisions.

Key dates:

Initial submission: Fri, Dec 5 (last day of classes)

Last day to resubmit: Sat, Dec 13 (last day for all outstanding work)

Expected word count: 1500 words +/- 10% (provide your word count at the end of your paper)

Contribution to final grade: 30%