You will be asked to introduce class discussion once during the semester. Working individually*, you will prepare a 5-10 minute presentation which closely examines a small section of the assigned reading for that class and introduces classroom discussion. You’ll need to:

  • Select a short section of the text which intrigues or puzzles you
  • Introduce (summarise, explain) the section to your peers; this should be very, very brief.
  • Explain what is interesting, weird, puzzling, compelling, funny, etc about it; why did you select this passage over the others in the day’s reading?
  • Offer your working theory for what is going on here and explain how you came to your conclusion; basically, conduct a close reading and offer an interpretation of the passage including evidence from the text to support your interpretation.
  • End with specific questions for your peers to help them talk through the issue/s you’ve raised. You should provide these on a handout so your peers can refer to them as discussion progresses.

This presentation accounts for 15% of your grade. Of this, 50% will be assessed by your peers based on the provided rubric and 50% will be assessed by the instructor. Access the rubric / feedback form here.

There will be one or two presentations per class period starting in week 5. You’ll be asked to sign up for a presentation slot in week 4.

* You can work with a partner if you want. However, you and your partner will need to meet with me in advance of presentation sign-ups to discuss expectations and assessment.